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Marcin Chumiecki is a photographer, entrepreneur, and founder of Element, Inc. He was born and raised in Europe, and Marcin started his professional career in Poland, where he worked with several international clients, such as Phillip Morris and Leo Burnett among others. In 2005, Marcin became the photographer for the Bayview Mackinac Race, one of the largest fresh-water regattas in the world. Marcin’s unique people skills, work ethic, and professionalism combined with passion for art creates a very successful business relationship with his clients. Through his American career, he has worked with individuals like George W. Bush, Ferrari North America, Senator John McCain, former President of Poland Lech Walesa, and countless individuals and families across Michigan.

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Bo Chumiecki is our business manager. Before joining Element Inc., she managed International clients for WWS in the United States and Europe. She holds a Masters degree from Wayne State University. Bo handles the company’s client relations and coordinates business operations.


Phillip Chumiecki is the assistant photographer and mostly works with his dad Marcin. Phillip loves to take photos with his dad mostly because of the exotic people and places that they go together. In Phillip’s free time he loves to hang out with his family because they love and support him so much. Phillip loves to play sports and some of his favorites are soccer, football, and of course sailing. He has a strong passion for sailing because he was born in a sailing family. Phillip has dreams like everyone else in the world but he has a unique one, and that is to make Element the best photography company in the world.

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